APL Unclaimed Funds/Asset Recovery Firm

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the funds/assets become unclaimed?

In most instances the address of the Claimant has changed due to a move and the forwarding address has expired. Many companies may have been sold or merged and moved offices or discontinued the use of certain locations.

What time deadlines exist for the recovery of these funds/assets?

Certain funds/assets may be subject to a statute of limitation or a court imposed deadline. In certain situations, if the time period to recover the unclaimed funds/assets has passed, the unclaimed funds/assets can no longer be recovered.

What does it cost for APL to recover the funds/assets?

APL’s agreement provides for the recovery of the funds/assets based on a fee percentage contingent upon the successful recovery of your funds/assets. There is no charge if APL does not recover the funds/assets. APL bears the costs of the recovery, including normal attorney fees and court costs.

What do I have to do to implement the recovery?

After an agreement is reached, APL will forward forms to you which will authorize APL to act on your behalf to request the release of the funds. Along with the forms, the government agency also requires that identification be submitted. You will need to provide the original forms and identification to APL.

How long does it take recover the assets?

The recovery process normally takes between 30 to 120 days.

What is APL’s reputation/track record for service?

APL has recovered these types of funds for over twenty (20) years and has implemented in excess of 10,000 recoveries. APL has a good working relationship and a good reputation with the agencies. APL is rated A+ at the Better Business Bureau. Please view the BBB website here.